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General Railway Photos - Page 8

These images are not easily added to a gallery as they feature single images taken at a variety of locations around the world.

351South African Railways 12A class 4-8-2 1524 at De AarSouth Africa (1982)
352Malaysian Railways class 20 diesel 20108 at Kuala LumpurMalaysia (1980)
353British Railways Jubilee class 4-6-0 45660 "Rooke" at ShrewsburyUnited Kingdom (1964)
354RENFE 0-4-0T 020-0261 at Valencia depotSpain (1968)
355Indian Railways (SCR) metre gauge YB class 4-6-2 30006 at DonakondaIndia (1979)
356East African Railways 1-Bo-Bo-1 class 91 9106 at EldoretKenya (1969)
357Georgian Railways 900mm gauge Skoda built Bo-Bo ChS-10 on the Tsemistskhali viaductGeorgia (2019)
358PJKA B2301 on pumping duties near MadiunIndonesia (1982)
359Springbok Colliery 12th class 4-8-2 at work at the mineSouth Africa (1983)
360South Eastern Railway (India) WM class 2-6-4T 13034 at KharagpurIndia (1976)
361Estrada de Ferro Santos-Jundiai (EFSJ) no.16 at ParanapiacabaBrazil (1978)
362SAR 25NC with Orange Express at PerderbergSouth Africa (1983)
363Turkish Railways (TCDD) 55001 class 0-8-0 at Egirdir in 1985Turkey (1985)
364South African Railways class 16E 4-6-2 854 at BloemfonteinSouth Africa (1968)
365Indonesian Railways (PJKA) 2-8-4T no.45 at TebingtinggiIndonesia (1983)
366Paraguay Railways no.101 a 2-6-0 at Aregua in 1986Paraguay (1986)
367State Railway of Thailand 2-8-2 no.362 at Chong KhaoThailand (1975)
368French Railways 4-cylinder compound 4-6-2 231-D-796France (1964)
369SAR NGG16 Garratt no.150 at Umzinto in 1968South Africa (1968)
370Trangkil Sugar Mill 0-4-0T+T no.2 (Jung 3451/1933)Indonesia (1982)
371Portuguese Railways metre gauge 2-8-2T E141 at Porto TrindadePortugal (1970)
372Southern Railway WP class 7418 leaving ParghatIndia (1982)
373South African Railways H2 class 4-8-2T 314 at GreyvilleSouth Africa (1968)
374East African Railways metre gauge class 60 Garratt 6012 at NairobiKenya (1971)
375Sindanglaut sugar mill 720mm gauge 0-6-0Ts nos.2 and 6 (Jung)Indonesia (1983)
376State Railway of Thailand 2-8-2 no.940 at Hat YaiThailand (1973)
377Sao Jose sugar mill (Brazil) 0-10-0 no.50Brazil (1981)
378Chinese Railways QJ class 2-10-2 at Shenyang depotChina (1985)
379El Maiten loco depot in Patagonia (Argentina)Argentina (1972)
380Rejosari sugar mill 700 mm gauge 0-8-0T no.10 "Salak"Indonesia (1983)
381North Korean 762mm gauge train near HamhungNorth Korea (2015)
382Hawaiian-Philippine 3-foot gauge Henschel 0-6-0 No.1Philippines (1983)
383Indonesian Railways 2-6-6-0 Mallets CC5024 & CC5030 at CibatuIndonesia (1983)
384RFIRT 750mm gauge 2-10-2 no.110 at Rio GallegosArgentina (1996)
385SAR two mfoot gauge NGG11 class Garratt no.54South Africa (1968)
386State Railway of Thailand 3-cylinder 4-6-2 no.249 at Tung SongThailand (1971)
387Myanmar Railways metre gauge As class 4-6-4T at YangonMyanmar (2020)
388SAR GMA class Garratt 4085 near VryburgSouth Africa (1982)
389China Railways QJ 350 & QJ 1959 with freight at DatongChina (1983)
390Vietnam Railways metre gauge 2-6-0T rack loco 31-201 at DalatVietnam (1987)
391Tasik Madu sugar mill 750mm gauge 0-10-0 Luttermoller no. VIIndonesia (1983)
392Central Railway ZP class 4-6-2 no.3 at PulgaonIndia (1979)
393South African Railways class 25NC 3436 at De AarSouth Africa (1984)
394Zimbabwe Railways 15th class Garratt 384 near LukosiZimbabwe (1984)
395Rendeng sugar mill mixed gauge 8, 4, 5 and 2Indonesia (1983)
396CP metre gauge 2-4-6-0T Mallet E202 at ReguaPortugal (1969)
397State Railway of Thailand 2-8-2 944 at Tha ChanaThailand (1973)
398Pakistan Railways SGC class 0-6-0 1350 departs UgokePakistan (1985)
399Indonesian Railways 0-4-0 tram B1221 at SurabayaIndonesia (1975)
400Upper India Sugar Mills Baldwin WD 4-6-0T no.2 "Triveni"India (1982)

The images in these galleries are from two key sources. All images pre-1995 were taken on either Kodak or Agfa slide film using Nikon SLR cameras. These slides have subsequently been processed through a 5400 dpi scanner and then colour balanced using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. In some cases the frame has been cropped but this has only been done where the subject matter is rare and justified this change. After 1995 all images are digital, taken with a variety of cameras although since 2003 Nikon DSLRs have been used.