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General Railway Photos - Page 5

These images are not easily added to a gallery as they feature single images taken at a variety of locations around the world.

201Bulgarian Railways 760mm gauge class 77 at SeptemvriBulgaria (2014)
202South African Railways 15CA class 4-8-2 2075 at BreytenSouth Africa (1979)
203NRZ 14A class Garratt 510 & SAR class 14R 1731 at BulawayoZimbabwe (1981)
204Dehri Rohtas Light Railway 2 foot 6 inch gauge Avonside 0-6-4T no.6India (1979)
205South African Railways class 25 4-8-4's near PetrusburgSouth Africa (1982)
206Gempol sugar mill (Java) D4-6 an Oresnstein & Koppel 0-8-0TIndonesia (1982)
207Jatiwangi Sugar Mill (Java) 60cm Vulcan Ironworks 0-6-0T no.1Indonesia (1982)
208South African Railways GMA Garratt near VryburgSouth Africa (1982)
209Gwelo District Light Railway 2 foot gauge O & K 0-4-0T no.1Zimbabwe (1981)
210Malaysian Railways 4-6-2 564.36 at Kuala LumpurMalaysia (1980)
211Indonesian Railways B50 class 2-4-0 B5004 at PonorogoIndonesia (1982)
212South African Railways class 25 with Orange Express at KraankuilSouth Africa (1982)
213Tasik Madu sugar mill 750 mm gauge 0-4-2TT no.15 (O & K)Indonesia (1982)
214Indonesian Railways rack 0-10-0T's E1052 and E1051 at KajutanamIndonesia (1982)
215South African Railways class 26 3450 "L D Porta" at Beaconsfield South Africa (1982)
216Darjeeling Himalayan Railway B class 0-4-0ST 794 at KurseongIndia (1968)
217South African Railways GMA class Garratt 4060 at BulawayoZimbabwe (1981)
218Italian State Railways 0-6-0T 835 210 is seen at Napoli depotItaly (1976)
219Deutsche Reichsbahn 52.8 Reko 52 8134-0 at Dresden NeustadtGermany (1976)
220Rejosari sugar mill 700mm gauge jackshaft drive No.10 "Salak"Indonesia (1982)
221Portuguese Railways (CP) 2-6-2T E94 at Sernada da VougaPortugal (1970)
222RENFE 4-8-4T 242.0277 at Salamanca in 1964Spain (1964)
223Chile Railways (FCE) Henschel 2-6-0 561 at Temuco depotChile (1976)
224South African Railways class 25 4-8-4 "Jennifer" at KraankuilSouth Africa (1982)
225Bangladesh Railways metre gauge A1A-A1A 2019 at ChittagongBangladesh (2018)
226Indian Railways narrow gauge ZDM5 538 at Anakhi India (2018)
227Zimbabwe Railways 15th class Garratt 421 at New WankieZimbabwe (1981)
228Bangladesh Railways 2200 class diesel 2211 at PahartaliBangladesh (2018)
229Indian Railways WDP3A Co-Co diesel 15526 at Delhi JunctionIndia (2018)
230South African Railways class 19D 4-8-2 2722 leaving SterkstroomSouth Africa (1979)
231Trangkil no.4 2'6" gauge 0-4-2T (Hunslet 3901 of 1971)Indonesia (1982)
232South Africa Railways NGG16 Garratt 110 in green livery at IzingolweniSouth Africa (1979)
233Indonesia Railways 2-6-6-0 Mallet CC5024 at CibatuIndonesia (1982)
234South African Railways class 25 condenser 3467 at WarrentonSouth Africa (1978)
235Darjeeling Himalayan B class 0-4-0ST's 781 and 793 at SuknaIndia (1968)
236DR Saxon-Mallet 99 1586-9 leaving WolkensteinGermany (1976)
237Kenya Railways class 29 2-8-2 2930 at Athi RiverKenya (1977)
238Indian Railways (SR) HPS class 31401 at Shimoga TownIndia (1979)
239Dona Teresa Cristina 2-10-4 no.307 & 313 at TubarãoBrazil (1978)
240Western Holdings Gold Mine ex-SAR 3BR class 4-8-2 no.7South Africa (1980)
241"La Trochita" Henschel 750 mm gauge 2-8-2 no.136 at El MaitenArgentina (1976)
242Mozambique Railways 4-8-2+2-8-4 Garratt 960 at BulawayoMozambique (1987)
243Chinese Railways RM class 4-6-2 RM1093 at Qiqihar depot in 1985China (1985)
244Turkish Railways 56301 class 2-10-0 Skyliner 56388 near CankiriTurkey (1984)
245Indian Railways (SR) X class 0-8-2T rack tank 37391 at CoonorIndia (1968)
246Portuguese Railways 2-6-0T E102 on the Sernada da Vouga systemPortugal (1968)
247Zimbabwe Railways 15th class Garratt 394 "Umzwazwa" near LukosiZimbabwe (1984)
248South African Railways class 12A 4-8-2 2107 at De AarSouth Africa (1983)
249Pakistan Railways CWD class 2-8-2 5106 at Samasata JunctionPakistan (1987)
250Bayu Gunung Palm Oil Estate 700 mm gauge 0-4-4-0T Mallet no.11Indonesia (1983)

The images in these galleries are from two key sources. All images pre-1995 were taken on either Kodak or Agfa slide film using Nikon SLR cameras. These slides have subsequently been processed through a 5400 dpi scanner and then colour balanced using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. In some cases the frame has been cropped but this has only been done where the subject matter is rare and justified this change. After 1995 all images are digital, taken with a variety of cameras although since 2003 Nikon DSLRs have been used.