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Each train journey is unique, a fact that applies even to the regular commute which many people see as a tedious repetitive exercise. Different people sharing the train, unusual weather, incidents on the railway and many other aspects all help give journeys their unique character. The journeys described on this site all have some characteristics that make them memorable.

1342015Firenze to Bologna - The most boring train ride in Italy? Despite connecting two beautiful and historic cities most of this journey is in tunnel.
1332014Brasov to Bucuresti - A journey through the mountains of Transylvania to the capital city of Romania. The journey can be very slow in parts but the spectacular scenery is a consolation.
1322014Wernigerode to the Brocken - This steam train excursion in the Harz Mountains takes you to the summit of the Brocken with its great views. A real nostalgic steam hauled journey.
1312014Marrakech to Tangier - A comfortable journey across Morocco from the deserts surrounding Marrakech to the green fields by the Mediterranean coast at Tangier.
1302013Vigo to Porto - International train often forgotten linking two porst on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula. Don't expect a luxury train!
1292013Irun to Vigo - Classic journey across northern Spain from near the French border to the Atlantic coast. The route passes through varied scenery from dusty plains to mountains.
1282013Zilina to Kosice - Journey past the Tatra Mountains in northeastern Slovakia. The route includes much of scenic interest throughout.
1272013London Waterloo to Exeter - Scenic train ride across Southern England from London Waterloo to the cathedral city of Exeter. The route passes through some wonderful conuntryside typical of England.
1262013Doncaster to London Kings Cross - A journey down the high speed and historic East Coast mainline from Doncaster south to London King's Cross. This is where Mallard broke the world speed record for steam locomotives.
1252012Aberdeen to Edinburgh - A beautiful coastal journey in Scotland from Aberdeen to Edinburgh. For much of the way the sea is close at hand. Sit of the left hand side of the train.
1242012Bratislava to Budapest - A three hour journey between two European capital cities, Bratislava in Slovakia dn Budapest in Hungary. Route includes a dramatic section of railway.
1232012London to Manchester - High speed rail by tilting train across England from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. The route passes through pleasant landscapes.
1222012Vienna to Bratislava - By rail between Vienna and Bratislava, Europe's closest capital cities. Do not expect much of scenic interest!
1212013Colombo to Kandy - A more than leisurely 121 kilometre journey from Colombo to the hill station of Kandy made more interesting in the monsoon rains.
1202011Paris to Milan - Travelling the TGV Artesia service through the Alps from Paris to Milan is a long but scenic rail journey in the heart of Europe.
1192011Romanshorn to Luzern - The Voralpen Express from Bodensee to Lake Luzern offers an interesting journey through some glorious Swiss scenery. Not to be missed!
1182011Munich to Zurich - Double headed diesels and three countries in one morning on this journey from Munich to Zurich. The route passes through some wonderful scenery of hills and lakes.
1172011Bolzano-Innsbruck via the Brenner - This journey from Bolzano to Innsbruck includes the famous Brenner Pass through the Austrian/Italian Alps. The scenery is magnificent.
1162011Mulhouse to Paris Est - A journey over this secondary railway line behind a 72100 C-C diesel. This route offers varied scenery and some interesting views through the windows.
1152011Cologne - Amsterdam (ICE) - Riding the ICE on an international train from Cologne to Amsterdam provides some interesting views through the window especially in the Netherlands.
1142011Brussels - Cologne (Thalys) - First class luxury on the Thalys high speed service from Bruxelles to Cologne. Despite poor weather I found the journey scenically interesting in part.
1132011Paris - Toulouse (Teoz) - With high speed rail dominating rail inter city journeys in France it can be nive to travel the 'old fashioned' way from Paris to Toulouse.
1122011London to Brussels by Eurostar - The Eurostar service from London to Brussels provide a high speed and convenient rail route between the two capitals. The journey passes through some historic landscapes.
1112011Hannover to Berlin - Evidence of the former East Germany still exists ohis mainline between the important cities of Hannover and berlin to remind you of the former political divisions of the 'Cold War'.
1092010Perth to Inverness - A superb journey over one of the highest railways in Britain. The route passes through some wild and beautiful Scottish landscapes.
1101980The Khyber Pass - The Khyber Pass is wild and rugged, The train journey can be described with the same adjectives and was an unforgettable experience.
1082010London to Paris by Eurostar - Travel between London and Paris cities has never been easier. Despite the speed there is plenty to see through the windows as you cross some historic landscapes.
1071976Uitenhage to Port Elizabeth - The Port Elizabeth steam suburban service to Uitenhage was steam operated at the time of this visit. The locos worked hard on a tightly timed schedule.
1062008Mettupalayam to Ooty - A ride up the steam operated rack railway from Mettupalayam to Ooty, one of the old British Hill stations in India. A great experience on a train full of happy passengers all going on holiday!
1051982Bulawayo to Victoria Falls - Rding the steam hauled passenger train through the African bush at night from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls was a wonderful experience. Falling asleep listening to the loco was something I will never forget.
1042008Bangalore to Chennai - Riding the Brindavan Express in Southern India from Bangalore to Madras. I chose to ride in AC Chair class and was amazed at the level of service from the train crew.
1032010Inverness to Wick - Travelling to the most northerly point on Britain's railways is a rewarding and interesting trip. There is varied scenic interest for much of the way.
1021985Hard Class Langxiang to Harbin - Travelling by train in northern China could be an interesting experience when soft class was not available. Thsi journey north of Harbin was typical in the 1980s.
1011981TGV Paris to Lyon - This journey is a ride on the first TGV service in France a few weeks after the opening of the line from Paris to Lyon. This was the start of high speed rail in Europe.