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General Railway Photos - Page 10

These images are not easily added to a gallery as they feature single images taken at a variety of locations around the world.

451Pakistan Railways CWD class 2-8-2 no.5590 at Shorkot in 1988Pakistan (1988)
452Ukranian Railways SO17 class 2-10-0 4371 at KhmelnytskyiUkraine (1991)
453Ukranian Railways 2-6-2 Su 251-86 at ShepetivkaUkraine (1991)
454National Railways of Zimbabwe 16th class 2-8-2 Garratt 609 near MballaballaZimbabwe (1987)
455National Railways of Zimbabwe 20th class 4-8-2 Garratt near LukosiZimbabwe (1987)
456Pakistan Railways SPS class 4-4-0's 3005 and 2973 leaving FaisalabadPakistan (1987)
457Welsh Highland Railway Garratt 130 at CaernarfonUnited Kingdom (2022)
458Gregorio A Manalci Sugar Mill (Cuba) narrow gauge 2-6-0 E1305Cuba (1981)
459Gregorio A Manalich Sugar Mill (Cuba) narrow gauge 2-6-0 E1108Cuba (1981)
460South African Railways - Sunday afternoon at Bloemfontein loco shed 1985South Africa (1985)
461Sri Lankan Railways class V2 2-foot 6-inch gauge Sentinel railcar 331 at NarahenpitaSri Lanka (1992)
462Pakistan Railways SGS class 2470 & 2405 between Khewra and DandotPakistan (1988)
463Southern Railway (India) WL class 15006 leaving Tokkattu (near Mangalore)India (1979)
464Jombang Baru sugar mill O&K 0-4-2T no.2Indonesia (1975)
465Southern Railwaymetre gauge X class 0-8-2T 37393 at CoimbatoreIndia (1990)
466Indonesian Railways 0-4-0 tender loco B5212 near PrupukIndonesia (1980)
467Burma Mines Railway 2-foot gauge Bagnall 2-6-2 no.42Myanmar (2000)
468Northern Railway WP/P 7203 at Mughalsarai in 1968India (1968)
469Pakistan Railways metre gauge SP class 4-6-0 no.141Pakistan (1987)
470(SAR class 24 2-8-4 3669 at KnysnaSouth Africa (1984)
471Turkish Railways 56301 class "Skyliners" north of CankiriTurkey (1984)
472East African Railways class 11 2-6-T 1116 at MoshiTanzania (1970)
473SAR class 3R 4-8-2 no. 1460 at De Aar shed in 1968South Africa (1968)
474Jordan Hedjaz Railway 2-8-2 No.51 at AmmanJordan (1997)
475East African Railways 56th class 4-8-2 Garratt 5601 at MorogoroTanzania (1970)
476Indian Railways WL class light pacific 15003India (1989)
477Myanmar Railways YC class 4-6-2 no.629 is seen at ThagayaMyanmar (2000)
478Trangkil Sugar Mill Hunslet 750 mm. gauge 0-4-2TIndonesia (1984)
479Rejo Agung sugar mill O & K 0-8-0T no.14Indonesia (1975)
480DR (Deutsche Reichsbahn) 0-4-4-0T Mallet 99.5903 at AlexisbadGermany (1977)
481Sub Nigel Gold Mine 2-foot 6-inch gauge 0-6-0WT no.3South Africa (1971)
482TCDD 2-10-0 56014 at Malatya depot in September 1969Turkey (1969)
483SAR class 15CA 4-8-2 no.2810 at Witbank loco shedSouth Africa (1971)
484DB 2-10-0 043 094-2 at Rheine depot in 1975Germany (1975)
485SAR NGG11 class 2-6-0 Garratt no. 54 at Port Elizabeth in 1971.South Africa (1971)
486Burma Mines Railway Kerr Stuart 0-4-2T no.13 at NamtuMyanmar (1999)
487Pakistan Railways HGS class 2-8-0 no.2224 near the Khojak PassPakistan (1983)
488Rejosari sugar mill 0-4-2T No.2 "Dieng" (O & K 896/01)Indonesia (1975)
489EAR Class 59 4-8-2 Garratt 5918 "Mount Gelai" at MombasaKenya (1970)
490Northern Railway (India) WM class 2-6-4T 13013India (1978)
491South African Railways 6B class 4-6-0 no.500 at De AarSouth Africa (1968)
492Indonesian Railways CC50 class Mallet 2-6-6-0 CC5030 near GarutIndonesia (1980)
493Southern Railway metre gauge ST class 2-6-4T 37375 near MayuramIndia (1978)
494Eastern Railways (India) XE 22534 at AsansolIndia (1983)
495Italian State Railways Crosti-boilered 2-8-0 741.104Italy (1976)
496RSR 2-6-0 719 near the wood pile at Thon Buri loco shedThailand (1972)
497DR 01.05 4-6-2 pacific 01 0519-7 at Saalfeld (East Germany)Germany (1976)
498CP metre gauge Mallet 2-4-6-0T E207 stands in Tanha stationPortugal (1977)
499Indonesian Railways 0-4-4-2T Mallet BB1005 at RankasbitungIndonesia (1980)
500East African Railways metre gauge 4-8-0 2302 at Soroti (Uganda)Uganda (1970)

The images in these galleries are from two key sources. All images pre-1995 were taken on either Kodak or Agfa slide film using Nikon SLR cameras. These slides have subsequently been processed through a 5400 dpi scanner and then colour balanced using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. In some cases the frame has been cropped but this has only been done where the subject matter is rare and justified this change. After 1995 all images are digital, taken with a variety of cameras although since 2003 Nikon DSLRs have been used.