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General Railway Photos - Page 6

These images are not easily added to a gallery as they feature single images taken at a variety of locations around the world.

251Turkish Railways 45151 class 2-8-0 45161 at IrmakTurkey (1984)
252Sri Lankan Railways Garratt 345 at NawalapitiyaSri Lanka (1976)
253Portuguese Railways metre gauge 2-8-T E141 at Boa VistaPortugal (1972)
254Zimbabwe Railways 20A class Garratt 745 near WankieZimbabwe (1984)
255South African Railways class 25NC with Orange Express near Modder RiverSouth Africa (1982)
256Dehri Rohtas Light Railway K class 2-6-2T no.24India (1978)
257Pakistan Railways Alco ARP20 Diesel Electric 2090 at KhanewalPakistan (1988)
258Kanigoro Sugar Mill 700 mm gauge O & K 0-8-0T+T no.2Indonesia (1982)
259Mozambique Railways Alco 2-6-0 no.083 at Villa de João BeloMozambique (1973)
260Zimbabwe Railways 15A class Garratt 386 "Umyelane" at WankieZimbabwe (1987)
261South African Railways class 24 2-8-4's on the Breyten - Lothair branchSouth Africa (1984)
262F C General Roca class 15B 4-8-0 no.1585 at Tandil loco shedArgentina (1977)
26360 cm gauge Perus Pirapora Railway Baldwin 2-4-0 no.17Brazil (1977)
264Central Railway class D/1 4-8-0 no.709 at Dhaulpur JunctionIndia (1978)
265Dolok Sinumbah Palm Oil Estate 0-4-4-0T Mallet no.72 at PerlanaanIndonesia (1982)
266Portuguese Railways (CP) Regua depot in the Douro ValleyPortugal (1975)
267South African Railways class 19D's nearing SterkstroomSouth Africa (1982)
268Zimbabwe Railways 15th class Garratt 385 "Ingwenya" near LukosiZimbabwe (1984)
269General Urquiza Railway standard gauge 4-4-0 801 at Lynch WorksArgentina (1977)
270South African Railways NGG16 class Garratt 116 at HardingSouth Africa (1983)
271VFCO Baldwin 2-8-0 58 at São João del ReyBrazil (1977)
272Central Railway NM class 4-6-2 no.608 near GwaliorIndia (1978)
273Portuguese Railways metre gauge 2-4-6-0T E214 at Regua Portugal (1977)
274Metre gauge Ponferrada Villablino Railway (PV) Baldwin 2-6-2T no.5Spain (1978)
275South African Railways class 15AR 4-8-2 no.2100 at RosmeadSouth Africa (1983)
276Cepiring Sugar Mill 60 cm gauge O & K 0-8-0T no.9Indonesia (1982)
277Indian Railways metre gauge MAWD class 2-8-2 1572 at Agra IgdahIndia (1978)
278Usina Barcelos metre gauge Baldwin 2-4-0 no.3Brazil (1978)
279Portuguese Railways (CP) 0-4-4-0T Mallet E163 at MirandelaPortugal (1978)
280South African Railways Class 25 Condenser 3511 at De AarSouth Africa (1985)
281South African Railways 2 foot gauge NG15 class 2-8-2's 144 & 148South Africa (1985)
282Indian Railways WP class 4-6-2 7656 at Agra Cant.India (1978)
283Metre gauge Ponferrada Villablino Railway Engerth 2-6+4T No.18Spain (1977)
284Rendeng Sugar Mill 0-8-0T no.4 O&K (5266/1912)Indonesia (1982)
285Metre gauge FCTC 0-8-6-0T Kitson Meyer no 3349 at Los AndesChile (1977)
286CFA no.40 "Amboim" a 60 cm gauge wood burning Bagnall 2-8-2TAngola (1970)
287VFCO 4-6-0 42 (Baldwin 1912) leaves São João del ReyBrazil (1978)
288NER (india) metre gauge P class 4-6-0 31605 at AnwarganjIndia (1978)
289SAR 2-foot gauge NGG16 Garratt 88 heads a goods trainSouth Africa (1983)
290PJKA 2-8-4T 48 at Tebingtinggi, SumatraIndonesia (1982)
291Pakistan Railways BCU30E class no.7007 at LahorePakistan (1987)
292Turkish Railways (TCDD) 2-8-0 45126 at DinarTurkey (1977)
293Italian State Railways 2-8-0 740.256 at Napoli loco shedItaly (1976)
294SAR 19D class 4-8-2 2723 leaves WithoogteSouth Africa (1976)
295Indian Railways WP class 4-6-2 no.7001 departs from PatnaIndia (1978)
296RENFE Kitson built 0-6-2T 031.0211 at Delicias depotSpain (1963)
297Mozambique Railways 2-6-2+2-6-2 Garratt 901 at Lourenço MarquesMozambique (1972)
298State Railway of Thailand metre gauge 2-8-2 355 at Thung SongThailand (1975)
299SAR class 25 4-8-4's 3477 & 3512 at PotfonteinSouth Africa (1982)
300Mountain Ash Colliery 0-6-0ST no.1 (Hudswell Clarke, 1955)United Kingdom (1976)

The images in these galleries are from two key sources. All images pre-1995 were taken on either Kodak or Agfa slide film using Nikon SLR cameras. These slides have subsequently been processed through a 5400 dpi scanner and then colour balanced using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. In some cases the frame has been cropped but this has only been done where the subject matter is rare and justified this change. After 1995 all images are digital, taken with a variety of cameras although since 2003 Nikon DSLRs have been used.