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Railway Photo Galleries - Page 6

Each gallery features a series of images with a common theme which is usually based around a date or place. Where possible I have included a detailed description of the image with some background to the circumstances where appropriate.

123Clean steam locos at Qiqihar depotChina (1985)
122Garratts from Thomson JunctionZimbabwe (1981)
121British Railways MiscellanyUnited Kingdom (2008)
120Usina Serra Grande sugar mill steam locosBrazil (1978)
119Indonesian Railways Mallets at Cibatu - part 1Indonesia (1980)
118Ooty rack railway - part 1India (2008)
117Swiss Railways MiscellanySwitzerland (1986)
116Gregorio A Manalich sugar mill steam locosCuba (1981)
115Nancha Steam Loco DepotChina (1986)
114Narrow gauge steam Kohat to ThalPakistan (1989)
113Steam Locos at sunrise, MalakwalPakistan (1985)
112Steam locos near Wankie & Thomson JunctionZimbabwe (1987)
111Bloemfontein Steam Loco Shed South Africa (1985)
110Steam locos from Bethlehem to FicksburgSouth Africa (1985)
109Lyon Perrache & Part Dieu trainsFrance (2010)
108Trains at Jasper, AlbertaCanada (2009)
107Between Frankfurt & TrierGermany (1985)
106Changchun - the old tramsChina (1985)
105Langxiang - steam on two gaugesChina (1985)
104Steam locos around FaisalabadPakistan (1985)
103Steam near Lake VictoriaKenya (1977)
102GMAM Garratts on Lootsberg PassSouth Africa (1978)
101Bulawayo loco shedZimbabwe (1980)

The images in these galleries are from two key sources. All images pre-1995 were taken on either Kodak or Agfa slide film using Nikon SLR cameras. These slides have subsequently been processed through a 5400 dpi scanner and then colour balanced using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. In some cases the frame has been cropped but this has only been done where the subject matter is rare and justified this change. After 1995 all images are digital, taken with a variety of cameras although since 2003 Nikon DSLRs have been used.