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China Railway QJ class 2-10-2 3443 at Datong

China Railway QJ class 2-10-2 3443 at Datong

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Caption - China Railway QJ class 2-10-2 3443 leaves the loco plant at Datong for its first steam test on the mainline in November 1980. Three days later it was ready for delivery into service. Development of this class was undertaken between 1956 and 1960. Full scale production began in 1964 and lasted until 1988. During this time over 4,700 were built and used on passenger as well as freight trains. In 1980 production was about 250 locos per year. The manager was asked if they could be sold for export and quoted US$70,000 delivered to the nearest Chinese port for export. Examples of the class lasted until early 2003 on the mainline but some remained in industrial service until 2010.

Country - China   Date - 1980   General Photo - 595

Photographer - Lou Johnson

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