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This section lists the photo galleries, railway journeys and nostalgia currently available from World Railways. At some point in the future a detailed overview of relevant railway operations will be added to this page.

1071976Uitenhage to Port Elizabeth - The Port Elizabeth steam suburban service to Uitenhage was steam operated at the time of this visit. The locos worked hard on a tightly timed schedule.
1021978GMAM Garratts on Lootsberg Pass
1101985Steam locos from Bethlehem to Ficksburg
1111985Bloemfontein Steam Loco Shed
1241982Oranjerivier main line steam
1411979Springs steam loco shed
2751976Transvaal Collieries steam locos
3901984De Aar Loco Shed with super-shine steam locos
3911984Steam locos in storage at De Aar
4131979South African Railways De Aar steam loco depot
1031976Steam locos at Bloemfontein loco shed - South Africa
#DateGeneral Photos
0331978Mielietuin - SAR NGG13 Garratt 78
0341978Dumisa - SAR NGG16 Garratt 143
0351978Meynell - SAR class 25NC 3406
0361978SAR class 19D 2664 on the Maclear branch
0371978SAR 2 foot gauge NG15 2-8-2 122
0381978SAR GMAM Garratt 4105 at Blossoms
0391980ESCOM Kitson 4-6-0T 'Kitty' of 1879
0401978SAR class 19D 3326 at Miller
0411976SAR class 23 with Drakensberg Express at Kloofeind
0431979Izingolweni - SAR NGG16 Garratt 110
0441976Beaconsfield depot - SAR Class 15NC 3439
0471978Molteno - SAR class 24 2-8-4 3653
0491979Weenen - SAR NGG13 class Garratt 77
0621979SAR two foot gauge NGG16 Garratt 143 near Jolivet
0781979SAR class 24 3637 between Molteno & Jamestown
0791979SAR class 19D 2712 with Maclear Sterkstroom passenger
0821979SAR GMAM Garratt 4129 Montagu Pass
0831979SAR NGG16 Garratt 111 at Port Shespstone
0911979SAR 14R class 4-8-2 1911 at De Aar
0961979SAR Class 25 3452 & 3503 at Modder River
1031980SAR modified 19D class 4-8-2 2644 at Mafeking
1061980South African Railways 19D class 4-8-2 2719 at Sterkstroom
1091980South African Railways class 25NC 3421 leaving Fouriesburg
1111980ESCOM 4-8-2T 'Avonside' Grootvlei Power Station, South Africa
1161980South African Railways 19D class 2664 & 2744 near Sterkstroom
1201979South African Railways 19D class 2682 with Volksrust to Bethal mixed
1241976SAR NGG13 Garratt on Umlaas Road to Mid Illovo branch
1291978South African Railways class 25 4-8-4 3517 "Janice" at Kalkbult
1351976South African Railways class 25 4-8-4 condenser 3514 at Perdeberg
1391979South African Railways NGG15 class 2-8-2 NG122 at Assegaaibosch
1431979SAR class 25 4-8-4 3479 with Ladybrand passenger at Sanaspos
1461979Durnacoal ex-SAR class 16CR 4-6-2 813 with miners's train
1491981Enyati Railway ex-South African Railways GEA class Garratt 4020
1551981President Steyn Gold Mining ex-SAR 11 class 2-8-2
1581981SAR two foot gauge NGG16 Garratt 110 at Izingolweni
1631981South African Railways Class 1E Bo-Bo E101 at Masons Mill
1651978South African Railways 15AR class 4-8-2 1807 at Schoombee
1701979South African Railways class 19D 3334 leaving Oudtshoorn
1731981South African Railways 25NC class 3405 & 3414 leave Fouriesburg
1761978South African Railways GMAM class Garratt 4059 near Lootsberg Pass
1811976South African Railways 15AR class 4-8-2 1858 at Swartkops in 1976
1831981South African Railways 15AR class 4-8-2 2093 departs from Teebus
1891978South African Railways 15AR 1807 with East London - De Aar train
1931978South African Railways two-foot gauge NGG13 Garratt 78 at Weenen
1981981Apex Greenside Colliery SAR class 1A 4-8-0 no.3 (SAR no.1301)
1991982South African Railways class 19D 2644 & class 26 at Perdeberg
2021979South African Railways 15CA class 4-8-2 2075 at Breyten
2031981NRZ 14A class Garratt 510 & SAR class 14R 1731 at Bulawayo
2051982South African Railways class 25 4-8-4's near Petrusburg
2081982South African Railways GMA Garratt near Vryburg
2121982South African Railways class 25 with Orange Express at Kraankuil
2151982South African Railways class 26 3450 "L D Porta" at Beaconsfield
2171981South African Railways GMA class Garratt 4060 at Bulawayo
2241982South African Railways class 25 4-8-4 "Jennifer" at Kraankuil
2301979South African Railways class 19D 4-8-2 2722 leaving Sterkstroom
2321979South Africa Railways NGG16 Garratt 110 in green livery at Izingolweni
2341978South African Railways class 25 condenser 3467 at Warrenton
2401980Western Holdings Gold Mine ex-SAR 3BR class 4-8-2 no.7
2481983South African Railways class 12A 4-8-2 2107 at De Aar
2551982South African Railways class 25NC with Orange Express near Modder River
2611984South African Railways class 24 2-8-4's on the Breyten - Lothair branch
2671982South African Railways class 19D's nearing Sterkstroom
2701983South African Railways NGG16 class Garratt 116 at Harding
2751983South African Railways class 15AR 4-8-2 no.2100 at Rosmead
2801985South African Railways Class 25 Condenser 3511 at De Aar
2811985South African Railways 2 foot gauge NG15 class 2-8-2's 144 & 148
2891983SAR 2-foot gauge NGG16 Garratt 88 heads a goods train
2941976SAR 19D class 4-8-2 2723 leaves Withoogte
2991982SAR class 25 4-8-4's 3477 & 3512 at Potfontein
3051972South African Railways S1 class 0-8-0 3810 at Kaserne
3111972South African Railways 15F class 4-8-2 2927 near Henneman
3131983South African Railways NGG16 Garratt 139 above Dumisa
3171982SAR Class 26 4-8-4 3450 "L D Porta" at Beaconsfield
3241983South African Railways class 24 2-8-4 3635 & 3609 near Breyten
3281972SAR 19B class 4-8-2s 1405 & 1404 on Lootsberg Pass
3361972SAR 19B class 4-8-2's 1405 & 1404 at Graaff Reinert
3431982South African Railways class 24 2-8-4s at Breyten
3511982South African Railways 12A class 4-8-2 1524 at De Aar
3591983Springbok Colliery 12th class 4-8-2 at work at the mine
3621983SAR 25NC with Orange Express at Perderberg
3641968South African Railways class 16E 4-6-2 854 at Bloemfontein
3691968SAR NGG16 Garratt no.150 at Umzinto in 1968
3731968South African Railways H2 class 4-8-2T 314 at Greyville
3851968SAR two mfoot gauge NGG11 class Garratt no.54
3881982SAR GMA class Garratt 4085 near Vryburg
3931984South African Railways class 25NC 3436 at De Aar
4031968South African Railways 15E class 4-8-2 2880 at Bloemfontein
4061971South African Railways H2 class 4-8-2T no. 288 at The Bluff
4111968South African Railways class 25 condensor at De Aar
4141971South African Railways class 11 2-8-2 no. 937 at Mafikeng
4171985West Rand Consolidated Mines 610mm gauge steeple cab no.5
4231970SAR GCA Garratt 2607 at Port Shepstone
4331968SAR 16E class 4-6-2 854 at Bloemfontein
4371971SAR GL class 4-8-2 Garratt 2357 at Mtunzini
4401968SAR 6B class 4-6-0 no.500 at De Aar loco shed
4572022Welsh Highland Railway Garratt 130 at Caernarfon
4601985South African Railways - Sunday afternoon at Bloemfontein loco shed 1985
4701984(SAR class 24 2-8-4 3669 at Knysna
4731968SAR class 3R 4-8-2 no. 1460 at De Aar shed in 1968
4811971Sub Nigel Gold Mine 2-foot 6-inch gauge 0-6-0WT no.3
4831971SAR class 15CA 4-8-2 no.2810 at Witbank loco shed
4851971SAR NGG11 class 2-6-0 Garratt no. 54 at Port Elizabeth in 1971.
4911968South African Railways 6B class 4-6-0 no.500 at De Aar
5071980ESCOM Avonside 4-8-2T at Grootvlie Power Station
5271976SAR class 25 condenser 4-8-4 3514 departs from Perdeburg
5381978SAR 15AR class 4-8-2 no.1807 nears Rosmead
5411978SAR GMA/M class Garratt 4105 near Oudsthoorn
5461971Sub Nigel Gold Mines Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0PT no.1
5501978SAR 15F class 4-8-2 2948 at Modderpoort
5551979SAR GMA class Garratt 4051 on north side of Lootsberg Pass
5651979SAR class 25NC 4-8-4 no.3478 at Sanaspos
5671979Landau Colliery 2-8-2+2-8-2 Garratt no.1
5701979SAR GMA class Cape gauge Garratt 4129 at Montagu Pass
5791978SAR class 25NC 4-8-4's 3452 and 3473 at Kraankuil
5841980South African Railways class 25 4-8-4 3468 leaves Orange River
5911972SAR class 2-8-2 938 "Gracie" at De Aar in July 1972.
6021970SAR GDA class 2-6-2+2-6-2 Garratt 2255 at Sydenham loco shed
6071981SAR class 25NCs 3405 and 3414 departing Fouriesburg
6101981SAR NGG16 class Garratt 110 departs from Izingolweni
6141974Pairs of SAR GMA Garratts near Albert Falls
6251992SAR GB class Garratt 2166 at Matkop
6331982Enyati Railways GF class Garratt 2378
6421982SAR 19D class 4-8-2's near Sterkstroom.
6461982SAR class 26 4-8-4 3450 "L D Porta" at Beaconsfield
6541973SAR double headed GMAM Garratts Albert Falls
6661982SAR class 25 4-8-4 with Orange Express at Kraankuil