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This section lists the photo galleries, railway journeys and nostalgia currently available from World Railways. At some point in the future a detailed overview of relevant railway operations will be added to this page.

1302013Vigo to Porto - International train often forgotten linking two porst on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula. Don't expect a luxury train!
1311977Metre gauge steam Regua to Chaves
1361977Metre gauge steam Tua to Bragança
1421977Antique trams in Porto
1581977Metre gauge from Tua & Regua
1951977Steam and trams south of Porto
3292013São Bento Railway Station, Porto
3302013Porto Campanhã station digital diary
3312013Porto's historic trams
#DateGeneral Photos
0211977CP Mallet E207 at Chaves loco shed
0231977CP 2-6-0T E113 after leaving Avantos
0592005CP metre gauge Alstom Bo-Bo 9004 at Vila Real
0601999CP metre gauge Alstom Bo-Bo 9020 at Tua
0611999CP metre gauge Nohab railcar 9100
0731999CP metre gauge Alstom Bo-Bo 9006 at Aveiro
0741998CP metre gauge 9600 railcar at Senhora Hora
0752001CP metre gauge 9630 railcar at Senhora Hora
0812001CP 2-8-4T 0187 & Co-Co 1960 at Regua
1691977Portuguese Railways metre gauge railcars at Sernada do Vouga
1781977Portuguese Railways metre-gauge 0-4-4-0T Mallet E169 at Tua
2211970Portuguese Railways (CP) 2-6-2T E94 at Sernada da Vouga
2461968Portuguese Railways 2-6-0T E102 on the Sernada da Vouga system
2531972Portuguese Railways metre gauge 2-8-T E141 at Boa Vista
2661975Portuguese Railways (CP) Regua depot in the Douro Valley
2731977Portuguese Railways metre gauge 2-4-6-0T E214 at Regua
2791978Portuguese Railways (CP) 0-4-4-0T Mallet E163 at Mirandela
3101971Portuguese Railways 2-6-4T 083 at Regua
3221970Portuguese Railways 0-4-0T no.003 at Contumil (Porto)
3291970Portuguese Railways 2-8-2T E131 at Sernada do Vouga
3371971Portuguese Railways (CP) 4-6-0 294 at Regua
3501969Portuguese Railways metre gauge 2-6-0T E85 at Senhora da Hora
3711970Portuguese Railways metre gauge 2-8-2T E141 at Porto Trindade
3961969CP metre gauge 2-4-6-0T Mallet E202 at Regua
4981977CP metre gauge Mallet 2-4-6-0T E207 stands in Tanha station
5311972CP metre gauge 2-4-6-0T Mallet E205 at Regua
5471978CP metre gauge 0-4-4-0T Mallet E163 on the Tua line
5521963CP 2-4-0 no. 9 outside Braga depot
5621969CP metre gauge 2-6-0T E101 at Boa Vista, Porto
5831971Portuguese Railways 2-6-4T 090 at Contimul in October 1971
5881973Portuguese Railways 4-6-0 295
5971976CP 2-4-6-0T Mallets E211 and E214 at Vila Real
6051963CP metre gauge 2-6-0T E82 on the Linha do Tua
6231974Portuguese Railways mixed gauge turntable at Regua
6741969CP Mallets E170 and E169 at Boa Vista