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This section lists the photo galleries, railway journeys and nostalgia currently available from World Railways. At some point in the future a detailed overview of relevant railway operations will be added to this page.

1101980The Khyber Pass - The Khyber Pass is wild and rugged, The train journey can be described with the same adjectives and was an unforgettable experience.
1041985Steam locos around Faisalabad
1131985Steam Locos at sunrise, Malakwal
1141989Narrow gauge steam Kohat to Thal
2201978Wazirabad Junction for classic steam locos
#DateGeneral Photos
0421980Changa Manga - two foot gauge Fowler 0-4-0T 17208
1051978Upper Chenab Canal 4-wheel Sentinel near Sambrial
1081978Pakistan Railways SPs and SGS class locos at Wazirabad
1181979Pakistan Railways GS class 2-8-2's 59 and 57 near Bostan
1311978Pakistan Railways SP class 4-6-0 no.140 at Mirpur Khas
1381979Pakistan Railways SPS class 4-4-0 no.3078 at Wazirabad Junction
1751979Pakistan Railways XA class 4-6-2 2705 at Sakrand Junction
2491987Pakistan Railways CWD class 2-8-2 5106 at Samasata Junction
2571988Pakistan Railways Alco ARP20 Diesel Electric 2090 at Khanewal
2911987Pakistan Railways BCU30E class no.7007 at Lahore
3981985Pakistan Railways SGC class 0-6-0 1350 departs Ugoke
4021987Pakistan Railways SGS class 0-6-0s near Rawalpindi
4051985Pakistan Railways G class 2-8-2 no.47 at Mari Indus
4481988Pakistan Railways SPS class 4-4-0 3005
4501988Pakistan Railways GS class 2-8-2 between Laki Marwat and Bannu
4511988Pakistan Railways CWD class 2-8-2 no.5590 at Shorkot in 1988
4561987Pakistan Railways SPS class 4-4-0's 3005 and 2973 leaving Faisalabad
4621988Pakistan Railways SGS class 2470 & 2405 between Khewra and Dandot
4691987Pakistan Railways metre gauge SP class 4-6-0 no.141
4871983Pakistan Railways HGS class 2-8-0 no.2224 near the Khojak Pass
5031980Pakistan Railways XA class broad gauge 4-6-2 2668 at Kundian
5351978Pakistan Railways SPS 2970 and SGS 2499 at Wazirabad
5431978Pakistan Railways SGS class 0-6-0 2394 at Sambrial
5541979Pakistan Railways SPS class 4-4-0 3078 at Wazirabad
5581979Pakistan Railways GS class 2-8-2's 59 and 57 near Bostan
5611989Pakistan Railways metre gauge SP class 4-6-0 141 at Mirpur Khas
5691978Pakistan Railways broad gauge SGS class 0-6-0 2388 at Landi Kotal
5891988Pakistan Railways SPS class 4-4-0 2954 departs Malakwal Junction
6261980Pakistan Railways CWD class 2-8-2 5116 at Mughalpura
6601982Pakistan Railways ZB class 2-6-2 208 near Hangu