Railway Content for Indonesia

This section lists the photo galleries, railway journeys and nostalgia currently available from World Railways. At some point in the future a detailed overview of relevant railway operations will be added to this page.

1191980Indonesian Railways Mallets at Cibatu - part 1
1281980Indonesian Railways Mallets at Cibatu - part 2
1441982Indonesian Railways B51 class 4-4-0s in West Java
3831983Steam locos at Gempol Sugar Mill, Java
3841983Steam locos at Sindanglaut Sugar Mill, Java
3861983Steam locos at Tersana Baru Sugar Mill, Java
3881983Steam locos at Ketanggungan Barat Sugar Mill, Java
3941983Steam locos at Jatibarang & Banjaratma Sugar Mills, Java
3951983Steam locos at Sumberharjo Sugar Mill, Java
4121980Indonesian Railways steam locos at Madiun

 DateGeneral Photos
0141983PJKA BB30123 at Jatibarang
0451980PJKA 0-4-4T 28 at Tanjung Balai, Sumatra
2061982Gempol sugar mill (Java) D4-6 an Oresnstein & Koppel 0-8-0T
2071982Jatiwangi Sugar Mill (Java) 60cm Vulcan Ironworks 0-6-0T no.1
2111982Indonesian Railways B50 class 2-4-0 B5004 at Ponorogo
2131982Tasik Madu sugar mill 750 mm gauge 0-4-2TT no.15 (O & K)
2141982Indonesian Railways rack 0-10-0T's E1052 and E1051 at Kajutanam
2201982Rejosari sugar mill 700mm gauge jackshaft drive No.10 "Salak"
2311982Trangkil no.4 2'6" gauge 0-4-2T (Hunslet 3901 of 1971)
2331982Indonesia Railways 2-6-6-0 Mallet CC5024 at Cibatu
2501983Bayu Gunung Palm Oil Estate 700 mm gauge 0-4-4-0T Mallet no.11
2581982Kanigoro Sugar Mill 700 mm gauge O & K 0-8-0T+T no.2
2651982Dolok Sinumbah Palm Oil Estate 0-4-4-0T Mallet no.72 at Perlanaan
2761982Cepiring Sugar Mill 60 cm gauge O & K 0-8-0T no.9
2841982Rendeng Sugar Mill 0-8-0T no.4 O&K (5266/1912)
2901982PJKA 2-8-4T 48 at Tebingtinggi, Sumatra
3021971Atjeh Tramway 75 cm 0-6-0T C47 (Werkspoor 89/1903)
3091982Indonesian Railways 0-4-2T B2202 outside Tegal loco depot
3231982Cepu Forestry Railway 0-10-T A "Augustus" (Schwarzkopf 1928)
3301982Indonesian Railways 2-8-2 D52056 waits to leave Purwokerto