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This section lists the photo galleries, railway journeys and nostalgia currently available from World Railways. At some point in the future a detailed overview of relevant railway operations will be added to this page.

1042008Bangalore to Chennai - Riding the Brindavan Express in Southern India from Bangalore to Madras. I chose to ride in AC Chair class and was amazed at the level of service from the train crew.
1062008Mettupalayam to Ooty - A ride up the steam operated rack railway from Mettupalayam to Ooty, one of the old British Hill stations in India. A great experience on a train full of happy passengers all going on holiday!
1182008Ooty rack railway - part 1
1252008Coonor steam loco depot
1321978Western Railway (India) metre gauge steam
4101978Narrow gauge steam Shantipur to Nawadwipghat
#DateGeneral Photos
0321978Mysore Iron & Steel 2 foot gauge Bagnall 2-8-2
0481978Dabhoi - Western Railway (India) ZB class 69
0861980Indian Railways (WR) narrow gauge class W 569 at Pratapnagar
0871980Indian Railways (SCR) metre gauge class YM 5757 at Lalaguda
0881980Rhotas Industries, Dehri-on-Sone, no.1 Kerr Stuart 0-4-0ST
0901978Indian Railways (WR) H class 4-6-0s 24291 & 24293 at Baroda
1021979Indian Railways (WR) PTS class 4-6-4T 955
1131978Indian Railways WDM2 17722 with Himagiri Express at Varanasi
1141979Futwah Islampur narrow gauge Manning Wardle 0-6-2T 2H
1221978Indian Railways X class 0-8-2T 37395 with Nilagiri Express
1301978Mysore Iron & Steel ex-Southern Railway E class 4-4-4T 37244
1371978Western Railway (India) narrow gauge diesel railcar at Bhavnagar
1401978Southern Railway (India) WP class 4-6-2 7224 at Mettupalayam
1511978Central Railway (India) WCM2 class 20184 Co-Co at Pune
1561979Western Railway (India) narrow gauge WT class 0-6-4T no.598
1661978Northern Railways (India) SGC class 0-6-0 36628 at Delhi Junction
1861979Motipur Sugar Factory 2-foot gauge #2, #5, #4 and #1
1971968Indian Railways (SR) ZP class 4-6-2 no.4 at Yelahanka
2001978Eastern Railway (India) HPS1 class 4-6-0 24240 at Ranaghat (Bengal)
2041979Dehri Rohtas Light Railway 2 foot 6 inch gauge Avonside 0-6-4T no.6
2161968Darjeeling Himalayan Railway B class 0-4-0ST 794 at Kurseong
2262018Indian Railways narrow gauge ZDM5 538 at Anakhi
2292018Indian Railways WDP3A Co-Co diesel 15526 at Delhi Junction
2351968Darjeeling Himalayan B class 0-4-0ST's 781 and 793 at Sukna
2381979Indian Railways (SR) HPS class 31401 at Shimoga Town
2451968Indian Railways (SR) X class 0-8-2T rack tank 37391 at Coonor
2561978Dehri Rohtas Light Railway K class 2-6-2T no.24
2641978Central Railway class D/1 4-8-0 no.709 at Dhaulpur Junction
2721978Central Railway NM class 4-6-2 no.608 near Gwalior
2771978Indian Railways metre gauge MAWD class 2-8-2 1572 at Agra Igdah
2821978Indian Railways WP class 4-6-2 7656 at Agra Cant.
2881978NER (india) metre gauge P class 4-6-0 31605 at Anwarganj
2951978Indian Railways WP class 4-6-2 no.7001 departs from Patna
3061978Central Railway (India) class D/1 4-8-0 708 at Dhaulpur Junction
3121968Eastern Railway (India) SGC2 class 0-6-0 34171 at Calcutta
3201968Darjeeling Himalayan 0-4-0ST no.801 before Kurseong
3271971Western Railway (India) P class 4-6-0 no. 605 at Dabhoi
3321968Central Railway (India) NDM1 class 501 Neral to Matheran
3352019Indian Railways 2-foot gauge NDM5 807 at Motijeel
3461986Southern Railway (India) WP class 4-6-2 7375
3551979Indian Railways (SCR) metre gauge YB class 4-6-2 30006 at Donakonda
3601976South Eastern Railway (India) WM class 2-6-4T 13034 at Kharagpur
3721982Southern Railway WP class 7418 leaving Parghat
3921979Central Railway ZP class 4-6-2 no.3 at Pulgaon
4001982Upper India Sugar Mills Baldwin WD 4-6-0T no.2 "Triveni"
4041968Howrah two-foot gauge Manning Wardle 0-4-2T no.32
4091994Saraya Sugar Factory metre gauge Vulcan 4-4-0 no. 54
4101976Indian Railways WP class 7158 with the"Taj Express"
4161984Motipur Sugar Factory John Fowler 0-6-0WT no.4
4201988Clutterbuckganj Sleeper Depot Bagnall 4-6-0 TB6
4282020Myanmar Railways metre gauge YDM4 DF1333 at Yangon
4361974Western Railway WT class 0-6-4T 597 at Nadiad
4421984Sharp Stewart metre gauge class D 0-4-0 "Mersey" at Hathua
4471978Indian Railways YL class 2-6-2 5113 at Jaipur loco shed
4491968Western Railway (India) Agra Igdah metre gauge depot in March 1968
4631979Southern Railway (India) WL class 15006 leaving Tokkattu (near Mangalore)
4651990Southern Railwaymetre gauge X class 0-8-2T 37393 at Coimbatore
4681968Northern Railway WP/P 7203 at Mughalsarai in 1968
4761989Indian Railways WL class light pacific 15003
4901978Northern Railway (India) WM class 2-6-4T 13013
4931978Southern Railway metre gauge ST class 2-6-4T 37375 near Mayuram
4941983Eastern Railways (India) XE 22534 at Asansol
5041978Southern Railways (India) broad gauge XE/1 2-8-2 22560 at Erode
5111978Indian Railways YG class 2-8-2 3204 (Telco 155/1956) in 1978.
5151984Futwah Islampur Light Railway 0-6-2T H4
5231968Southern Railway WT class 2-8-4T's 14017 and 14012 at Madras
5281968Eastern Railway WP 4-6-2 7060 departs Howrah with Coalfields Express
5331978VISL metre gauge F class 0-6-0 & E class 4-4-4T
5361978Southern Railways WP class 4-6-2 7723 at Basin Bridge, Madras
5401978Western Railway B2 class 4-6-0 31031 at Mahesana
5511980South Eastern Railways BS class 2-8-2's 616 and 635 at Ranchi
5531979Eastern Railway WM class 2-6-4T 13032 at Ranaghat
5601978Western Railway W class 0-6-2 582 at Bhavnagar
5661987Central Railway two-foot gauge NM class 4-6-2 764 at Gwalior
5711978Northern Railway metre gauge PT class 4-6-4T 31514 at Hanumangarh
5731979Patiala State Monorail no.4 at Delhi Railway Museum
5801994Bihar State Sugar Corporation (Hathua) Baldwin 4-6-0PT no.47
5941994Motipur Sugar Factory Henschel 0-4-0T no.5
5991982Central Railway (India) G class 4-6-4 725 at Kurduvadi
6031968Southern Railway (India) YP class 4-6-2 2646 at Bangalore
6041968Darjeeling Himalayan B class 0-4-0ST's 781 and 793
6081978Southern Railway WP1 class 7723 at Basin Bridge
6131968Southern Railway TS class 2-6-2T 37344 near Mysore
6191968Howrah Amta (Calcutta) 0-4-2T 34
6211971Bombay Port Trust 2-10-2T 25H
6341978Indian Railways YD class 2-8-2 30221 at Birur Junction
6411976Northern Railway HGA class 2-8-2 32030 at Jodhpur
6451976Eastern Railway CS class 2-4-0T 773 at Krishnanagar
6511974Central Railway WP1 class 4-6-2 7157 "Beauty of Agra"
6591981Southern Railway XE/1 class 2-8-2 22587 at Erode
6631980South Central Railway WT 2-8-4T 14016 at Rajahmundry
6781975Central Railway D/1 class 4-8-0 707 at Dhaulpur
6811982Southern Railway WP7136 at Madukarai