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This section lists the photo galleries, railway journeys and nostalgia currently available from World Railways. At some point in the future a detailed overview of relevant railway operations will be added to this page.

1112011Hannover to Berlin - Evidence of the former East Germany still exists ohis mainline between the important cities of Hannover and berlin to remind you of the former political divisions of the 'Cold War'.
1142011Brussels - Cologne (Thalys) - First class luxury on the Thalys high speed service from Bruxelles to Cologne. Despite poor weather I found the journey scenically interesting in part.
1152011Cologne - Amsterdam (ICE) - Riding the ICE on an international train from Cologne to Amsterdam provides some interesting views through the window especially in the Netherlands.
1182011Munich to Zurich - Double headed diesels and three countries in one morning on this journey from Munich to Zurich. The route passes through some wonderful scenery of hills and lakes.
1322014Wernigerode to the Brocken - This steam train excursion in the Harz Mountains takes you to the summit of the Brocken with its great views. A real nostalgic steam hauled journey.
1071985Between Frankfurt & Trier
1402011Mainline stations of Berlin
1462011Trains around Hannover
1502011Trains at Lehrte near Hannover
1552011Trains at Dortmund Hbf - Part 1
1562011Trams in Alexanderplatz, Berlin
1602011Trains at Dortmund Hbf - Part 2
1652011Trains at Cologne Hbf
1702011The metre gauge Zugspitzebahn
1752011Trains at Munich Hauptbahnhof
1792011Afternoon trains at Basel Bad station
1862011Trains at Munich Heimeranplatz - Part 1
1872011Trains at Munich Heimeranplatz - Part 2
2002011Evening trains at Frankfurt
2012011Heavy traffic through Fulda Hbf
2022011Sunday morning trains at Leipzig Hbf
2032011Dresden trains in winter
2042011Dresden trams in winter
2052011The large tram system at Leipzig
2072011Afternoon trains at Frankfurt Hbf
2092011Trains and trams at Halle
2132011Dresden area train in winter - Part 2
2242012Trains at Angermunde in winter
2962013Hamburg Hbf trains
2972013Hamburg Harburg trains - Part 1
3002013Bremen Hbf in the rain
3012013Lehrte Junction near Hannover
3052013Maschen depot near Hamburg
3062013Hannover Seelze depot visit
3072013Braunschweig afternoon trains
3412014Wernigerode Bw, Harzer Schmalspurbahnen
3432014Harzer Schmalspurbahnen Mallets at Wernigerode
#DateGeneral Photos
0052013DBAG BR143 143194 at Koblenz
0062013Metronom 146516 at Hannover
0072013DBAG BR218 218455 at Hannover
0181976DR 99 1606 at Wolkenstein loco shed
0191977DR 99 7235 at Talmuhle station
0201977DR 99 5901 between Strassberg and Silberhutte
0541992DB BR140 E40 140 860-8 in the Ruhr
0551994DR VT18.16 175 005-8
0561991DR BR143 143 602-1
0581991DR BR242 Bo-Bo 242 082 awaiting scrap
0631990DR BR232 M62 Ludmilla 232 284-0
0641990DB BR150 E50 150 169-1
0701975DB BR043 2-10-0 043 574 Leschede
0841978DR BR 01.5 4-6-2 01 0508-0 at Saalfeld
0941992DBAG Kleinlok BR335 335 106-1 Frankfurt
1321974Deutsches Bundesbahn BR 104 1-Co-1 104 017-9 at Rheine
1531976Deutsches Reichsbahn BR 01.2 4-6-2 01 2118-6 at Dresden Hbf
1601977Deutsches Reichsbahn metre gauge 2-10-2T 99 7236-5 at Talmühle
1871976Deutsches Reichsbahn BR 65.10 2-8-4T 65.1039 at Saalfeld
2191976Deutsche Reichsbahn 52.8 Reko 52 8134-0 at Dresden Neustadt
2361976DR Saxon-Mallet 99 1586-9 leaving Wolkenstein
3401971DB class 78 (Prussian T18) 4-6-4T 078 453 at Rottweil depot
4801977DR (Deutsche Reichsbahn) 0-4-4-0T Mallet 99.5903 at Alexisbad
4841975DB 2-10-0 043 094-2 at Rheine depot in 1975
4971976DR 01.05 4-6-2 pacific 01 0519-7 at Saalfeld (East Germany)
5101971Deutsch Bundesbahn (DB) 4-6-4T 078 453 at Rottweil
5161967Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) 2-8-2 22.028 at Leipzig Hauptbahnhof
5441976DR BR44 three cylinder 2-10-0 44.0280 at Saalfeld
5931975DB BR 012 4-6-2 012 066 at Rheine
5981977Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) 4-6-2 01 137 at DresdenNeustadt
6281968DB 0-4-4-0T Mallet 99 637 at Bad Buchau
6361977DR 4-6-2 03.2236-2 at Berlin Ostbahnhof
6571967DB 50-4011 with Franco-Crosti preheater at Kirchweyhe
6611975DR 01.05 4-6-2 01 0504-9 at Berlin