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This section lists the photo galleries, railway journeys and nostalgia currently available from World Railways. At some point in the future a detailed overview of relevant railway operations will be added to this page.

1011981TGV Paris to Lyon - This journey is a ride on the first TGV service in France a few weeks after the opening of the line from Paris to Lyon. This was the start of high speed rail in Europe.
1082010London to Paris by Eurostar - Travel between London and Paris cities has never been easier. Despite the speed there is plenty to see through the windows as you cross some historic landscapes.
1132011Paris - Toulouse (Teoz) - With high speed rail dominating rail inter city journeys in France it can be nive to travel the 'old fashioned' way from Paris to Toulouse.
1162011Mulhouse to Paris Est - A journey over this secondary railway line behind a 72100 C-C diesel. This route offers varied scenery and some interesting views through the windows.
1202011Paris to Milan - Travelling the TGV Artesia service through the Alps from Paris to Milan is a long but scenic rail journey in the heart of Europe.
1092010Lyon Perrache & Part Dieu trains
1472011Trains at Paris Austerlitz Station
1522011Trains at Paris Nord station
1672011Trams and Trains at Mulhouse
1722011Evening trains at Toulouse
1782011Rush hour trains at Toulouse Matabiau
1812011SNCF BB72100 diesels at Paris Est
1892011Paris St Lazare suburban traffic
1902011Trains at Bordeaux Saint Jean station
1932011Exploring the railways at Tours
1942011Trams and trains at Nantes
1962011Trains and 'trams' at Caen, Normandy
1982011Rocamadour-Padirac branch line trains
2142012Le Bourget (Paris) loco depot
2152012Villeneuve St. Georges loco depot (Paris)
2162012Acheres depot (Paris) part 1
2172012Loco hauled trains in Paris
2352012Acheres depot (Paris) part 2
2722013Strasbourg morning rush hour trains
2762013Strasbourg evening rush hour trains
2772013Trains at Paris stations
2782013Rush hour trains at Lille
2942014Dijon trams
3262013Hendaye area
3382014Variety of trains at Dijon Ville
#DateGeneral Photos
0032013SNCF BB17000 at Paris Est
0042013SNCF CC72157 at Paris Est
0711990SNCF BB12000 Bo-Bo 12041 at Lens depot
0721990SNCF BB66400 Bo-Bo 66417 Longeau depot
0761988SNCF A1AA1A68000 68057 Tours St. Pierre depot
0771988SNCF BB4730 series BB4743 Tours St Pierre depot
0971992SNCF CC6500 Co-Co electric CC6529
0981992SNCF (ex Midi) BB4200 Bo-Bo B4245
0991992SNCF BB25500 Bo-Bo BB25571
1921968Vivarais Billiard diesel railcar 223 at Cheylard in 1968
3681964French Railways 4-cylinder compound 4-6-2 231-D-796
5191967Resau Breton (France) metre gauge 0-6-0+0-6-0T E412 at Carhaix
5421969French Railways (SNCF) 231K 4-6-2 at Boulogne in 1969
5631966SNCF 2-8-2T 141TC22 at Paris Nord
5771967French Railways (SNCF) 4-8-2 241.P.13 at Nantes in March 1967
5871968French Railways 4-8-2 241-A-21
6401961French Railways (SNCF) 4-6-2 231.D.410