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Railway Content for Angola

This section lists the photo galleries, railway journeys and nostalgia currently available from World Railways. At some point in the future a detailed overview of relevant railway operations will be added to this page.

#DateGeneral Photos
2861970CFA no.40 "Amboim" a 60 cm gauge wood burning Bagnall 2-8-2T
3341973Caminho de Ferro de Angola (CFA) 4-8-0 no.211 at Luanda
3471974Benguela Railway (CFB) class 6 4-6-0 no.27 on Lobito shed
4391973Benguela Railway 10C class 4-8-2 Beyer Garratt 338 at Lepi
5341973Benguela Railway Class 10a (3rd series) Garratt 348
6801973CFB 10C class Garratt 338 at Lepi