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Narrow gauge steam Shantipur to Nawadwipghat

India - 1978

Eastern Railway (ER) operated a 2 foot 6 inch gauge line from Shantipur to Krishnanagar and Nabadwip Ghat. The line had 4 small 2-4-0T's from Bagnall and Yorkshire Engine. The diminutive 2-4-0T's had 24 inch diameter coupled wheels and were numbered 773 to 776. 773 was built by Bagnall in 1926, 774 and 775 came from Yorkshire Engine in 1932 with 776 another Bagnall locomotive dated 1935. The line connected with the broad gauge mainline at Krishnanagar to the north of Calcutta in Bengal. The photos were taken during a visit on 9th December 1978.