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Zurich trams in pouring rain

Switzerland - 2012

Zurich is home to a large tram system. Having allocated an hour to watch trams close to the Hauptbahnhof the weather was far from conducive but with limited time available I withstood the elements to take some photos. These images reflect what was seen on a Saturday morning with frequent services meaning that I saw plenty in the limited time available. I had visited Zurich a number of times in the past and sadly each time it rained. However the blue and white livery of the trams added a splash of colour to what was otherwise a depressing winter scene. The system is metre-gauge with 600 V d.c. power supply. Two designs of tram are is use with 88 more modern Bombardier Cobra 5-section low floor units introduced in 2001 plus a number of variants of the Tram 2000 design dating from between 1976 and 1992.