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Victorias Milling Co. two foot gauge railway

Philippines - 1980

The Victorias Milling Company's system was one of the largest two foot gauge railways in the world with over 400 km of route. Situated at the northern end of Negros Island in the Philippines, the railway was built to carry sugar cane from the fields to the mill. The system was exceptionally well maintained and even built their own diesel locos. At the time of this visit most 'mainline' trains were diesel hauled but steam was still in use at the mill and Manalpa for shunting duties. To give some impression of the size of this railway there were over 2400 bogie cane trucks. Fuel for the steam lococ was bagasse which the remains of the sugar cane after sugar extraction has been completed. Bagasse has a low calorific value and great volumes are required to keep locos in steam hence the massive tenders compared with the size of the locos.