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Bangkok Skytrain

Thailand - 2009

The Bangkok Mass Transit System or BTS Skytrain is an elevated railway serving the city. There are two lines, Sukhumvit line and Silom line, and these form a cross with an interchange at Siam Station. Eventually opened in December 1999 after many false starts and political wrangling, the system now carries a growing number of passengers. Rolling stock was supplied by Siemens and this has recently been supplemented by some new trains from Changchun Railway Vehicles based on Bombardier designs. Track is standard gauge and the lines electrified at 750 dc using a third rail system. Maximum speed is 80 km/h. There are some extensions under construction and others in the planning stage. The railway is a very dominant feature of the city streets with concrete viaducts and street level concrete stations. However despite lacking aesthetic qualities it does enable you to travel around the city easily even during peak hours. Sadly connections with other suburban railways in the city are poor and unless this is improved it means the system will never operate to its full potential.