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Usina Serra Grande sugar mill steam locos

Brazil - 1978

Usina Serra Grande had a mix of British and American built steam locos working at the mill. The railway operations were once very extensive eventually closing in 2001. This gallery features nos.1,3,4,5 and 6. Not illustrted are Brazil class 0-4-2T no.2 (Kerr Stuart 1244 of 1911) which was originally had a saddle tank, 2-6-2 no.7 (SLM 2805 of 1922) and 2-6-2 no.8 (Linke-Hoffmann of 1927). No2 (numbered as No1!) was on display at the mill from about 1993 and was kept in a 'museum' area. However it (or poss. no.2) was moved to the truck stop Auto Posto Garcia in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo by 2010. Towards the end of rail operations there were also 4 internal combustion engines numbered 1,2,5 and 6.