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Heavy traffic through Fulda Hbf

Germany - 2011

Fulda Hbf, north east of Frankfurt, is located on a strategic north-south freight route that can see up to 20 freights per hour at peak times. In addition there are many passenger trains. In addition to freights hauled by DB Railion locos there also many open access operators using the route. In addition the station is also on the Hannover to Munch and Berlin to Frankfurt ICE routes. Alongside this long distance freight and ICE traffic there are also loco hauled Intercity services, loco hauled regional trains to Frankfurt and other local services operated by multiple units both DB and from private railways. Adjacent to the station there is a small DB Netz depot with an allocation of 212 class Bo-Bo diesels. The images in this album are only a sample of what was seen during an eight hour period of observation at Fulda.